About us

''Fleur de Lune'' is a Quebec business who specializes in ''zero waste'' products that will make your life easier. We can ship throughout Canada. We have been making quality products to meet your needs since june 15th 2019. We also create items suited for children as well as bath products (''Poussière de Lune''). For years we have listened and catered to parents in a hurry, adults concerned about the environment and children. We have developped product ideas that will help in your ecological transition...and more! Equiped with sowing machines, creative ideas and quality material, we are confident that our products will bring you satisfaction. We have started our business by creating products for our children, and in just one year, we have increased our array by offering real, nice products for the whole family. We have a deep concern for the environment and hope to have a healthy planet for generations to come and also for now ! We are ''Fleur de Lune'', best friends since our high school promotion. We are like sisters since being teenagers and both have this artistic fiber. Between you and me, it's great since we complete each other wonderfully! May it be crafts all the way to creating events, when we decided to finally go through with this, all was done quickly and naturally. What's next ?! Shifting to ''green'' events starting with children's birthdays. We hope you will enjoy your visit.